Spam-o-Matic statistics, is this really neccesary information for all members?

As the title says, I understand it being as data that can be visible to moderators and administrators, but it may not be the type of information you want to make visible to every member of the forum (for what purpose would it have then if would-be spammers see it and for what purpose would the average member use it for)?

In a nutshell, it just doesn’t sound like the type of information that would typically be available to every member of the forum.

That may be a good point - in the information excessive world of todays users, some things could be cut down. Perhaps there could be a switch to allow setting to be modified.

Are you talking about specific stats labeled Spam-o-matic, or just the stats that show up in your user profile (post count/frequency, etc)?

What I mean is the list of stats. with a header above labeling them as the Spam-O-matic statistics (which is the group of stats in the main page right under the section that shows which members are currently online).

Simply put, I don’t remember seeing it there before, which makes me think if someone made a mistake to make it visible to all members.

I’m not talking about the individual member profile stats at all.

Ah… I’d overlooked that. My mistake. No, it’s not critical to have up for non-mod members. Will look into hiding it.

Why would you do that?

It has a link which supports the mod (Google). The stats are a billboard for the link (Humans). The mod involves a database so the more sites that install it the better it works. It’s nice to see how many spammers/bots have been zapped. It isn’t taking up any space except at the bottom of the main forum page along with other site stats.

It’s harmless, useful, and a nice addition to the page. I vote to leave it be.


Hey there,

Apologize for the confusion. I had left that one during testing and had meant to turn it back off. It does take up a bit of space, though I do like the ability to plug the “plugin”. BA does support the plugin by marking it as installed on the vbulletin site and I’ve also just added a FAQ item on it to hopefully point users over to it whom are interested in starting up a vbulletin forum, or looking for ways to battle the SPAM.

In addition if any artists are looking to start a vbulletin forum and would like to ping any questions of me, feel free at [email protected]

Thanks guys!

How do you enable those stats to show? I dont find an option to it. Using Vbulletin here.

Well the one for VB3.8.x doesnt have the option to show the stats. Is there a way to add it? Anyone here?

Wes will correct me if I’m wrong, but the stats are part of a plug-in that doesn’t ship with vanilla VB.

well the stats are part of the version for VB4… The thing is the version for VB3 dont have the options. Is there a way It can be added? coded into it?

@terrablade - apologize for the late reply here. I am not familiar with the VB3 settings, though at least with VB4 the settings were in the settings / options / spam-o-magic