spam pm.

Got my first ever spam pm today from a BA user with no posts and no threads. Was just a link entitled image2. Of course I didnt open it.
Be careful, even here you can get phished.

Aww. That’s no good! Spam is getting everywhere eh?
Another gripe I have is people asking questions better suited to the forum, or asking clarification to a post made a few days ago.

That said, I have received some pretty nice PM’s over the past few years. On the whole blenderartists seems to be a pretty awesome community.

Yep. :slight_smile: I think the fact that it’s not too active (with posts disappearing on to the second page 5 minutes after they’ve been posted) nor too empty (last new post three weeks ago, yes I know some forums like that but they do sometimes have some important archived questions and answers for obscure topics so I do end up going there sometimes).

Have you reported the private message?
Then we can ban this user

I know it is annoying to new users to wait for the first couple of posts moderated. But this helped making BA unattractive to spammers and spam bots. We still have them but not that many as we had before.

They are not stupid and try new methods from time to time. This one seems to try to fly under the post-radar by spamming messages. We had homepage-link spammers too in the past.