Spam ?

Well lately I recieve emails from e-bay and paypal that inform me that my acount will be closed in 48 hours.If I am not the owner of the acount I will have trouble with laws ect.

Well I don’t have an acount at paypal or ebay.I have never visited those sites.
But those emails come again & again, is it spam ? What should I do ?

Actually, it’s called phishing. I’ve received the same emails even though I don’t have an account with either eBay or PayPal. Basically, they just want you to willingly give them your account information so that they can rip you off and cause you grief.

If you’re using Gmail, you can report it as phishing.

I’d forward these e-mails to whomever is responsible for enforcing computer law in your locale.

It’s called phishing, read this:

me got the same mails as well. :frowning:

Thanks guys,I had read really scary stories in computer magazines about people who lost many money with such emails, but I needed a second opinion

I got those emails as well.

All I did was reply with a two word response…and the second word was “off”

I’ll leave you to guess what the first word was :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe :smiley:

every e-mail i dont expect to get and has a wierd subject, i just delete them,i dont even open them. I have never got anny trubles about e-mails except getting to much spam/junk hehe :wink:

I sometimes get e-mails filled with about a page full of random un-related words like someone was writing a stream of conciousness thing and I sometimes see the same thing on Usenet as well.

What’s that all about? :-?

Trying to elude spam blockers by placing words that might seem to a computer to be legitimate messages.