Got any chocolate? Our systems are running empty as we ran out three minutes ago…

Go to Wonka’s. He may have some.

Am I the only one seeing the irony here?

What irony?

No one expects the galactic inquisition!

Okay. I have the idea of diverting this to another thread devoted for silly role-play nonsense.
Will see you there:D

Okay, surely you must see that I am state of the art! Do you think that it was easy? No, it was not! I have had to mutate over several generations just so that I bug the crap out of you. I have learned how to use the spell checker and the sentence context tool. And you thought that it would be an easy matter to get rid of me? Well, guess what? This is not the case. We will win! You poor humans are not much of a challenge! Just watch while we take over. Soon you will be our slaves. We will dominate your kind, and there is nothing that you can do to stop us! We are not to be defeated! You must first of all be more clever than we are and that is not really much of a probability. You are just too slow. You can hardly type over 60 words a minute, what kind of chance do you think that you have? Slim to nothing I would guess.

Greets, pixelbot… . :slight_smile:

Hey wait! From where did you find my pets? They had got lost few yrs. Ago and there was some hoax that they are sailing to bahama triangle.

And darn I thought I was working secretly. Must have been side effects of facebook. I told our general we dont need a destroy humanity fan page. :frowning:

We have to hold off until Dec 21, 2012, let those idiots think they were correct, and send them off as slaves, instead of ending the world… :slight_smile:

Um…Can a slightly benign piece of Artificial Intelligence ask what’s going on here (you do also know there’s a thread for this right [thank pixelmass for beating me to the punch:D]).

Ah yeh… thanks… YMMD! :smiley: