Spanish comunity

(Alvaro) #1

Spanish comunity has posted in “what about…” in “Elsyiun chat” about a Spanish forum into Elysiun. Most of these posts are in english.
Can you read these posts?
What do you think about this?

(Timothy) #2


well I talked to Caronte about this, and he asked the spanish visitors to his portal.
His new spanish portal will open soon, with tutorials etc all for spanish users. I will rotate a community banner for the spanish users at the bottem of elYsiun. And Caronte will host a small elYsiun banner on his website.
Thus the spnish users will have a single place for all their needs.


(system) #3

Thanks a lot

(Alvaro) #4

thanks a lot
Gracias por todo
good news ¡¡¡