spark game engine

Who else is going to be using the beta release of the spark game engine?:eyebrowlift:

Please post a link to the software’s website if you’re going to talk about it (I know there’s Google, but it’s just good practice to have when posting).

Here you go.Have a look.

There’s nothing on whether it’s only the beta that is going to be free (followed by the requirement to buy a license if you want to continue using it).

I also didn’t see anything about how well it would play with Blender (not much info on I/O functionality).

Ask them those questions at. hello[at]

What are you thinking about?That they could replace the bge with this.I was thinking the same thing.

I never gave the idea of them doing a full integration inside of Blender like the BGE is now, but simply that they support formats that are easily compatible with the Blender license such as Collada, OpenGEX, or even the .blend file format itself.

Sorry i did not understand what you are saying.

They are what you call 3D model or scene formats, basically like the image formats you use all the time but for 3D data.

Some of them only store data for a single object while others can store data for an entire scene.

I guess no one else interested.