Sparkles on my hair, not in a good way.

I have this problem when I render this character: I get pixel spots , usually white, that show up around the hair. It seems to be related to the strand render setting and also scale. When I lowered the size of the strand to be small enough for my Imperial Units setting, it showed up. It is particularly noticeable in the walk animation I did.


hair is very anisotripic material, you seems to use simple glossy bsdf,

Sorry… don’t know what you are talking about. The hair has no transparency although I had to switch to Classic Halfway instead of Deep Buffer shadows because the shadow was transparent. I have a simple cloud tex on the hair affecting the color, but my problem was there before I put that on the material. I don’t know if you can see what I am talking about from the you tube video. I will try to find a render with the problem more clearly visible.

Here is a screen shot of the setting , this is from way back when she wasn’t finished.


What storm_st meant was, hair reflections are anistropic, meaning the reflection is spread in the direction of the strands. To me it looks like it could use some more anistropic shading. I haven’t had much experience with hair rendering before though.

I have zero experience with blender internal render, but found page that describe what i mean, it called “Tangent shading”, try to find similar in material settings.

Watch my video on setting up hair materials for Blender Internal. It’s just as much about lamp settings as it is hair settings.

OK thanks guys I will check out those links.