Sparky - Possible Blender 2012 Summer Competition (DEMO UP)

That;s not a gif, it’s a video! :slight_smile:
Looks fun SolarLune, nice work!

That Maneuver at the Ledge atop the Lava looks quite risky. o_o

(… what a rhythmic Sentence.^^)

Maybe you should make the bloom fade in/activate when the dog goes superman. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is looking awesome, can’t wait to see the final result.

Thanks, you all.
@AniCator - That might be a good idea. I’ll think about that - perhaps I’ll up it to the level it is now when Sparky’s boosting, and have it minimal when not.

So, here’s another development log video. This one stutters a bit, unfortunately, but I’m still trying to get a nice capture.

Really nice SolarLune. I’m wondering how you made the sound change in game like that? Pygame? Or some unique method?

Good Devlog. It really has that Feel of the good old Games that I like to think of – running along Walls like Gex the Gecko in Highspeed! :]
And Dynamic Music is always cool, greatly done. Is it just two different Sound and Volume Changes?

I haven’t made much progress on my game and I already feel defeated! :stuck_out_tongue: This is good though. Seeing things like sparky, charly’s big adventure, and bongo hop really shows the community came a long way. :yes: Keep it up!

He may have used Audaspace, which gives access to sound filters and other functionality.

It can be a very powerful system once you know how to use it properly.

Thanks, everyone.

@linkxgl / C.A.ligari / Ace Dragon - I am using Audaspace, but I just prepared a filtered and unfiltered version of the song, with a volume sweep when Sparky’s ionized. Really, I could have used Audaspace to filter the song, and then mix between the filtered and unfiltered songs when necessary, but the filtered version I prepared also added some resonance, which isn’t possible with Audaspace. If it sounds pretty much the same, then I’ll probably take the Audaspace route, since I don’t want to package two versions of every song for no reason. :slight_smile:

The Audaspace library adds a lot of value to the BGE’s sound system.
About the bloom: You should also add an option to turn it off for those with graphics cards that aren’t that good.
About the music: Maybe you should prepare a separate track entirely. The highpass filter doesn’t work too well in my opinion. Of course I’m not sure where you wish to go with this ‘radioactive’ mode but I was expecting a cool supercharged version of the original track that would be booming while you bounce around. You could easily crossfade a track like that using the same system.

Its looking awesome! I really liked itso far, congratulations!

Assuming that the player will be ionized most of the time, I think it would be better to play the muffled track when the player is not ionized as opposed to playing it when he is ionized. I think it would make it more energetic that way. :slight_smile:

Good job SolarLune!

@leonnn - Thanks.
@Dhaher - Perhaps you’re right… I think I like AniCator’s idea of playing a more high-energy track to filtering it. Filtering the sound works, but you can’t hear the music as well, which would be a pity (if it’s good).
@Midgardh - Thanks.

Okay! So, an update. Got working on this, and implemented water. If you’re ionized and running at speed, you can run across the water - otherwise, you’ll sink. I got the idea from Sonic.


The waterfall should probably be turned transparent.

I’ve been thinking about the bloom again and I really don’t feel it should be ‘blurring’ the entire scene.
If only Blender had better support for these type of shaders.

For me it looks cool, I think that hits is a matter of taste, solarLune could simply add the option to turn it off in case of the player dont like it, I like this kinds of effects and for me it makes the game have a smooth visual.
I think that in days like these we simple cant say this is making it look worse since there are a lot of oppinions around and each one have their own, I think that the best is make the player choose what he wants( in graphic therms at least).

I envy you, SolarLune. Looking at your Projects I get the Feeling you have a good Workflow, and probably it is just because of your simple but stylistically proper Graphics, paired with your good Knowledge of Python.

But myactual Pupose for this Post is to thank you for your Notion of manually coded Blurs running faster than such via for-Loops. I have just adapted it to a 2d-Filter that I have made and that is not just Eyecandy but essential for Gameplay – so I really disliked how it slowed down the Game. But now that I have adapted such Manuality to the Code, it runs as smooth as Jazz!
So, thank you very much for this little but effective Piece of Knowledge! : D

Thanks, guys. I think I agree with AniCator - it is quite bright. So, I turned it down. In truth, if I want bloom (which I do), I probably should write a correct filter that would bloom only light objects (i.e. dark objects aren’t sampled at all, while pure white objects are sampled the most). Not sure if it’s possible, or if it would improve the effect any, but I think it would.

I also implemented the first enemy (and its spawner) today! They’re a kind of flying kamikaze bug - they just fly toward you, and if they touch anything, they explode.

The bug’s look can actually improve - it doesn’t look too much like an alien insect, huh?


@AniCator / leonnn - I might make an option to allow for the original strength of Bloom for those who want it.

@C.A.ligari - Thanks. Yeah, I thought that non for-loop filters seem to run faster. For-loops wouldn’t run at all on my older graphics card, which made me write the current one I use that doesn’t use loops at all. It’s pretty quick.

Hey that wasnt my point, about the ammount of blur, I think that it looks good, but if you want to decrease it it ll be cool probably, what I ment was that you should create things the way you want, its your game and if you work for a game company you know that you cant do that and there is no dogma in games as we see on the games that are been released, specially on indie games, that s what creates unique stiles, otherwise it would be just boring to see game after game fallowing the same rule.