Sparky short film!

The BOAP Team is proud to announce our first short film, “Sparky”, is underway!

However we are limited in animators. If you are an animator and are interested in helping the team release the short film sooner, free to contact us.

Instagram: @BOAPCrew


Blender Bach is here. This movie will be interesting. (Hopefully)

Cool poster. Any progress in the last 3 months?

Yep! We’re currently rendering most of our scenes. There are a few left that need animating, but we’re currently on track :grin:

Cool. But do we get any sneak peeks of progress?

sure! Frame0293 Frame0480 DS3Frame0288

Those are just a few of the shots from the short film. There more, but we dont want to spoil the film :wink:

Sure, I get it. But don’t be shy. Show what you can. Model updates, wire frame shots etc.

We like this kind of thing! :slight_smile:

And it is looking good. Are these final lighting?

pretty much

Another little progress update. Things sort of slowed down with the holidays, but renders are finally coming in.

If this is final lighting, (and cinematography, textures and materials for that matter) then I have a few suggestions. Being a WIP as it is. Please let me know and I will let’m rip. Otherwise, carry on.