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(harkyman) #1

The living mechanics contest inspired me to put up my work in a gallery format. There’s not much in the way of flashy stuff, but that’s just me. I floss regularly, too.

So, here’s my website to add to everyone else’s. Probably it’s all stuff you’ve seen before, but maybe not…

Feel free to tell me if you like it or not. It’s in Finished Projects, though, 'cause I’m not planning to change it.

(paradox) #2

nice site, good to see more of the bird project. Ant the Chrome widow project is looking good too. Like the WIP of the chrome widow at home.
Someday I would like to see the finished bird project animation.
You do good work.


(0ptikz) #3

Jesus christ Hark!

Those images are stunning :o How long have you been working on sad little bird? It looks VERY VERY good, almost photoreal.

And the spider…What can I say about the spider? Images like that speak for themselves - I was planning to put in some work for the living Mechanics contest but I don’t think that I will bother now :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, you just jumped about 10 places on my “Must hate list” :wink:

(hannibar) #4

The bird pictures are all stunning! Very real!
Can I ask you how you postprocessed those images. They all have a nice warm glow on them.

I like the spider very much too! Very detailed. Nice chrome.

You rock!

(blengine) #5

oh sheesh, thats spider is the coolest pic ive ever seen man… =D
i hate u! u suck! :wink: oh man, wires like that just totally make me druel

youve inspired me to join the living mech contest =)

i love u harkyman!


(kaktuswasse) #6

wooohoooooo… That pics are just great! WOWW!
U really suck!! :wink: You should bettter run away now;)
NoNo, you are jut great. Especially the bird-story and the final render
of the Chrome Widow…WOW

cu Henrik

(MoreK) #7

I remember the bird-story, I was wondering what happened to it. Those animation WIPs were one of the reasons I started to learn Blender.

You are good, man. Why don’t you quit that IT manager job and concentrate on Blender? :smiley: .

  • MoreK -

(harkyman) #8

Thanks everyone.

[email protected]: been working on the Sad Little Bird for almost a year, though I really haven’t touched it at all in the past month. The Open Source thing and the living mechs seemed to have helped me out of my rut, though.

hannibar: posting was done in After Effects, but you can do the same in most any capable paint program. Duped the main layer; gaussian blurred the top layer with about a 4.5 pixel radius; remixed it with the original layer using Screen mode (it’s just an Add blend) and set it’s opacity to around 50-60%. You could do the same thing with Blender’s sequence editor and the blur plugin and Add blending, but I like to do it in post.

imgranpaboy: Thanks for the love, man. BTW, I voted (I think) for your Aliens on the Dam image for Best of All Time in the weekend challenges. Good luck in Living Mechs. I don’t like the thought of going toe to toe with you. :smiley:

MoreK: That’d be cool, but I have a wife, two little girls and a mortgage. Also, within the next year or so, the IT thing will probably be going bye-bye in favor of something more… um… action-oriented and far far cooler. The Sad Little Bird is still in production. I got a new DV camcorder with a really good microphone, so I’m rerecording the dialogue. I’m at the point where there’s only lip-sync left to do on the first section, I’m waiting for my voice talent to come around.

Everyone else - I appreciate your appreciation…