Spartan Gear WIP

Hello im in the work on making a spartan shield after learning about them in world history. Thank you for any one who visits and leaves any comments.

Another Render:

Quick question: is it bronze, or more of a wood? If it is wood then I would dial down the specularity, possibly the bump map as well. Looks great though!

The detail look awesome.

I would say less bumpmap and maybe more gloss. I think the real shields where made of different materials, or at least different parts of the same material that look a bit different. Take a look at this reference image, the arrow shape part has more yellow in its color.

If you make renders of reflective materials, it’s also very important to have something to reflect. If your whole scene is just black with only one lamp to light your object, you wont get nice reflections. Try adding white panels, beams, or other shapes and colors to give your model some environment to reflect. Another option is using environment maps with studio lighting setups like these:
Download link (password: thegaf)

if the whole shield was bronze :wink: you’d get a lot of backache lol