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Hi Blender

A couple of days ago, Spartan Geek (one of the famous hardware channel over here in Mexico and in Latin America) got their Youtube channel attacked by hackers and the channel was automatically closed (it is a kind of attack that is getting more common these days, the famous digital currency illegal videos attack).

Long story short, I made them a new screen background and 3D scene for their benchmarks to show my support to my friends, to help in recovering all their followers on their new channel at
Modeling made completetly in Blender 2.92
Render done with Luxcore 2.5 at 4K - The scene as a slight volumetric fog. The electronics are displaced and bumps in some combinations, RGB is a radial ramp that turned out very well - and obviously the software is showing a warning about too many light sources, well yes, every particule and neon is a light source. The camera focal lenght is forced on purpose to get the entire scene in one shot and not look flat.

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