spartan head

I recently have been working on my first edge loop face and finished it. I decided to add a spartan helmet to it. I think i need to spend more time on the helmet. I recently saw a tutorial about eyes and i decided to use some of the materials. It looks pretty cool although i am not sure if it stands out or does not blend very well. I still also need to add some hair.


I recently finished the rest of the body except for the hands and the feet. I threw some 2 extrusion feet on him just to give you guys a general visual. The knees are not looking good, i might redo them. One of my biggest problem with modeling is proportions. A lot of times some parts of the bodies are bigger or smaller then they should be when i model them. Also, i have not really looked hard at the texture.


very nice! in the first render, the eyes look like they’re popping, or a little too big :confused:

Thanks! Ya the eyes looked a little weird to me too. I will try and fix that.

the eyes are too wide! work on them…

Okay i just shrunk the eyes a little. How does it look?


Better. Maybe give the eyelids more expression and personality?:confused:

I have been attempting to make a foot but when ever i try, it never comes out good. Does anyone recommend a tutorial to help me with a foot?

Also, i made the hand but i did not extrude it out from the arm. I just made another place. The problem with this is now i can not connect them. The hand has like twice the verticies of the wrist. Does anyone know how i can do this?

ya the eyes look a lot better! nice work, keep it up!

P.S. no, i dont no a tut for feet… sorry

I tried to connect the hands and it did not turn out well. The geometry is horrible. Will this affect animation heavily?



Right now I think it’s the body that need work. The torso looks a tad too long, and the mesh flow could gave you trouble in the future.

I don’t know squat about animation, so I can’t help you out there… sorry,
but as far as the torso, It doesn’t look too long, maybe a little boxy, tho, but If your goin low poly
its probably better to keep it that way.

Thanks guys, although i am not sure what to do since both of you have different feelings on what i should do.

I am not advanced so i would prefer to keep it pretty low poly.

Why might the mesh flow give me problems in the future?

It’s a good start, but there are definitely issues with the proportions. I might suggest dropping an image intro the backdrop of the 3D viewing area as a guide for anatomy, using an image like the one below.

In fact, it’s a good idea to use reference on any project. What kind of images are you looking at? Perhaps some shots from 300?

The eyes are still to open. A person’s eyes are never that wide. The eyelid comes down a little. The eyes in your model are pretty well a perfect oval.

Ah, i see what i need to do about the eyes. That is a great reference image. I tried finding some but could not find one like that, that i could put in the back round. I would have liked if i were to find some nice 300 pictures although most of them were from the mid-torso and up with a lot of writing all over it.

What general proportion changes should i make?


hey mate!!! nice going…I am learning Blender and anatomy in bits n pieces myself…here r some of my suggestions…

  1. for the eyes…I think you should make the cornea(the blue portion) smaller…its currently 2 big for the eye…try revealing the sclera(the white portion) more…

  2. The hands look a bit spatulated(elongated) as if they have been pulled out of the wrist…the palm should have some width…
    here r some hand tutes(if u havnt discovered them already…)…see if u can make some use of them…

  1. For the body…here r some cool references for free(again…if u havnt discovered them already!!!)…Though the figures are clothed…u can still use them for head,ear or hands modelling…

4)The legs have many and misplaced edge loops…see if u can correct them…

5)I have attached here some more improvements…:cool: