Spartan helmet WIP (not good at helmets/characters, need help)

Im not good at characters and i want to branch out from doing crates and knives, and other simple objects. i dont know where to start to do this model. here is the reference i will be using.

any help on where to start would be very helpful. thanks.

I would try to find a top view also, and model it like a car. Only do half of it then mirror it. I’m sure there’s probably a better way…I just started doing this kind of stuff but that’s how I’d try it.

Dude, just add a plane, align it to part of the surface, extrude, align, repeat = profit. :cool: Seriously though I would start with one of those flat curves at the top of the helmet and go from there. Alternatively, you can outline the major features with edge loops and fill in the rest.

This is a very good reference image. It could be better if it had a top and back view, but the reference should get you agood start. I would start by setting up background for the front and left view. I would then create all the lines that you can see from both views. I would then creates the curves by geussing where it’s center is and rotating faces around it. Then just geuss at the pieces that are left.

I would use box modelling for this. You could start by using a subdivided cube (sub surf lvl 2 and apply) and for it to the general shape of the helmet. Then start blocking out major areas like a simple cube for the black thing at the top, cut out the visor and the mouth guard from the subdivided cube and slowly add more geometry to get all the right curves and pieces.

Just for fun I set up the reference images for you. Use them for the front and side as labeled.

thank you for the fast responses, i tried some and i got the front pice ok.

i think im going to restart and practice this for a while before i post becasue im just awful at this.

before you go any further, stop using Ngons, they are wrecking your model. i can tell by the weird triangulation you have going on. practice using quads only polygons. or you will end up with a really bad model. or at best, lots of experience fixing a really bad model. make it good from the start. :slight_smile:

thank you im gonna start by making an iron man helmet, much simpler. thanks for the advice

well, ok if you think it will be easier, funny, because my very first modeling project was a helmet, similar to this one. mine turned out to be a disaster too :slight_smile:

saying that though , my most recent helmet wasn’t much better… lol :smiley:

Looking good so far,I like that reference image.

I think I lost this model when my hard drive failed. The original model is from blendswap, but I did a retop and updated the materials for cycles.

This is a render without the retop.