Spartan Helmet


I’m currently working on a project for my girlfriend. In the end, the scene should contain a helmet, a sword and a shield. I just finished the shape of the helmet. C&C are welcome ofrcourse.

greetz, Fritz.

A very nice helmet. Good material.
You could use some extra texturing to get some darker spots in there.
Maybe you can make it look a bit hammered so that it’s less clean and more well… hammered :]

I know Hellas-soldiers wore this kind of helmet, but I’m not too sure about the Spartans.
You might check this first if it’s really about the Spartans.

Man, that’s a nice helmet.

As far as historicly, here’s a picture of a statue from Sparta.

Looks like they did wear those types of helmets.

nice but I would make it a little used.

Looks awsome :smiley: . It would be cool if it had that furry thing on the top.

this might help you for reference. lots of others just google.

this might help you for reference.
lots of others just google.

Thx for the replies guys. I’m trying to get more depth into my helmet by adding a border around the helmet. But the result, as you can see, isn’t too good. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thx in advance and greetz.

could you post a wire for the close-up? I’m not familiar enough with rendering to tell if the issue is in render settings or in the mesh…

Voila here’s the wire. I don’t think that the problem is the mesh but rather that it is the bumpmap texture i use for it.

Greetz, Fritz.