Spartan Shield

since my other post was locked, I’ll just made another one. and thanks to the wonders of UV mapping I have almost completed my shield. it’s pretty stupid but I was bored the day I started this and now I’m pretty proud of it. but it’s still not do;ne. I wanted to and a border on the outer part of the shield and wanted to make the texture more bumpy. so does anyone have any crits or comments?


Well no, it’s good imho. :slight_smile: Can’t wait for the border. I’m not too sure about that bumpyness tho, most of the shields aren’t bumpy right? Well, one button from on to off. Render both and compare I guess.

Sorry about never explaining how to stencil 3d models onto the surface. I was about to, then bgdm locked the thread. I could tell you now if you wanted, but you seem to have your thing going now. Ah well, it’s looking pretty good.

for the bumpyness I meant like it has been through many battles and there are dents in it. I’m going for like a barbaric look. so how do you think I could add in some dents?
Blackboe: it’s cool. I just took a plane and added texture to it and put it behing the symbol and then rendered it. then used UV mapping.

Yeah. Ah well. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

I haven’t been able to work on this very much but I started on the border. I really like the way the texture came out. plus it looks like it’s protruding out. what do ya think?:confused:


It’s hard to see, zoom in on it more and make the world color something like black so there’s more contrast.

here’s a better picture with more triangles. I can barely get on my computer during the holidays. I hate not being able to blend. also how do I get it so the picture isn’t so pixely. if that’s a word.