Spartan warrior

Hello, this is a game I am making. It is inspired from an old arcade game called Gladiator.

It has innovative gameplay with only the mouse movement. No clicks, no buttons. I am very proud of it because the gameplay concept I had in mind worked very well.

In a couple months I should be able to uppload a playable demo. It is great fun to be making such a game ! It has been my dream for a long, long time.

Background for the skeletons level =


There are weapon and shield upgrades now and also a Kali boss


Are the characters can be upgraded?

it looks promising keep it coming just keep on improving it as another day goes by :sunglasses::+1:


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Thanks guys,

Although there are no upgrades in the player, his weapons, shield and armor can be destroyed but also upgraded with random powerups, so that you end up with a different crazy “version” of him each time you play the game.

Also, he is driven by the mouse, ie the animations are not pre-recorded (nor the enemies, they can strike at any height at will).

can you make a video of this ? You can use bge.render.makeScreenshot to screenshot every frame , then after use ffmpeg to convert all images to a video

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Thanks for your interest and guidelines,
yes a video is in order, I will do my best to do it in the weekend and PM you.

why not make it in real 3D ? for gameplay reasons ?

Yes. This is a side scrolling game and I wanted to make this game
before I had even laid my hands on Blender and even perhaps Blender had
even existed. Blender just happened to allow me to make the game of my dreams a reality.

A 3d version of this game would be a completely different game.

It is important to build the idea that strikes you most. Personally I like 2.5d games best
(that is, 2d games implemented in a 3d engine, like this one, or like numerous
top or side scrolling shoot em ups, etc).

Gameplay video.


is this the remake of GODS ?

but your character fights with far more dignity :smiley: