This guy I have completed during a film project. I needed some variety in my daily life. And I think, it is good for such a speedi.


speedi? speed contest?

Very awesome modelling and texturing, but lighting is a bit flat though.

good job as always. the light setup from background to foreground looks different

Really really great job!
Only problem is that the metallic textures (esp. the helm) look plasticy - maybe harden and brighten the spec, and maybe add a slight reflection

very nice. just missing the red cloak or toga of the spartan hoplite.

incredible job, I would say add depth of field and make the shadows a little darker, but if you like that way it doesnt matter :smiley:

Looks amazing. I like the dull color tones, I think it looks more realistic that way. :slight_smile:

I like it. Room for improvement yes, but even so I think it is quite good.

nice. only crit is the lighting. add some more shadows and change up some colors. lovely work.

you forgot the hair thing on the top… sorry english is not my mother tongue so I dont know how its called. But besides that and its a very good render.

Thank for criticism. I thought I would not change it anymore. But some of the criticism is really good. Let’s see what I’m doing yet.