spary steel cone!

make morningstar.
how spray steel cone?
(sphere face angle verticality cone face angle)

how make soccer ball

How to make an simple soccerball:

Add an icosphere. select all vertices and subdivide twice. Remove all the sharp points of the icosphere (the ones with 5 edges) then select everything, put the cursor on the smooth-button and hold Returnkey a while.

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Don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say here.
Do you want to spray a morningstar with steel cones?

If so, first the steel cones on a morningstar shouldn’t really be placed at random.
If you still want them that way, make a sphere low on verts, fractal subdivide it a few times, use ‘to sphere’ at 100 percent. Make a cone and parent it to the sphere. Go to animation buttons and press dupliverts and rot. You may have to rotate the cone so it get the right side out.

Here’s what I got when I tried it

Hope this helped

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