SPAS 12 Shotgun

Yes, the famous hl2 shotgun. Quite unfortunately, not textured, but I animated it. Use it for anything you like, but remember to credit me!

Blend file removed! If you wish to grab this model, contact me at [email protected]!


Nice model, maybe I’ll use it one time.

SPAS-12 is a real gun btw and that looks great

Heh, that’s the gun I use in Soldat…
Never played halflife though.

They use it in almost every game with shooter elements: hl2, GTA, Css. You even have this weapon in the James Bond games. :yes:

bawwwww :frowning:

Woo, a fellow Soldaten! =P

Didn’t know the Spaz was that widespread. Oh well.

coughfav: ruger and lawcough

Random Fact: The SPAS 12 shotgun is illegal to own and/or use in most countries. This is because it’s a sawn-off.

Very, very sorry about this bump but considering some peoples reactions in this thread, I really wouldn’t want this to go to waste. I put work into this model and animation, and it breaks my heart to see it go to page two :c

Of course, by bumping this you have knocked someone else’s hard work to page 2…