Spathularia flavida

Spathularia Flavida is a beautiful yellow mushroom shaped like spatulas. They are very small (2-5 cm) and sometimes hard to spot on a ground, so be careful where you step in forest :).

3d mushrooms are created with Blender (model, textures, shaders, render). Little post pro in Photoshop. Hope you like them! :slight_smile:
Critiques Welcome.

These are very cool.
Is your grass a Blender product as well?

I have the same question, are the grass from blender?

Thanks Anthony C, I’m glad you like them! Grass is a photo of course, but I’m sure similar could be achieved with Blender too, but in this case I wanted to combine CG with a real photo. If you are interested, you can look at simple scene breakdown here.

Very nice breakdown, thanks for the link to it.

This is great! The lighting is beautiful :yes:

Anthony C - of course ;), you are welcome.
SSimpossible - Thank you, I spent a lot time to figure out nice lighting. Not completely ideal, but I’m happy how it turned out.

I love the cute li’l mushrooms so lovely!!