Spatial Scene

Hi everyone !

I not regularly pass through this forum but sometime, very sometime, when I have a thing or a project that can be posted here I come and show it.

It is a serie of simple traveling animated scene which I work since few week.

My goal, is to create some scene and effect which can have good aspect (with my little level ^^), only through Blender. Not After Effect, Nuke or other dedicated compositing software for the moment.

I’m attached to the effect, not really progress trough a story.

Off course, my computer is not a competition monster, so I minimize some detail in render.

Here is all.

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I wait and hope for your feedback here, good or bad, this will serve me when I will realize next session.

Next I will maybe attempt to create nebulae, star effect and massive spaceship.

I thought it was amazing. I’ve done my own space art, using Gimp because I didn’t have PS at the time. I also used Apophysis, which is free and is called a fractal flame generator. I don’t know how to use it, I think you just mess around with stuff until you have something you can use. That’s what I did. It’s actually kind of fun, but here is what I came up with when I had the time to blend still.

I really loved your textures, and I’m on the same page with you on not having a good enough computer to render the detail you want to. I want to give you all my money, but I don’t have any. It would be like nothing happened.

That was awesome.
I don’t have the knowledge to give you any feedback, but I know when I like something, and I enjoyed that.
Good work.

edit: Sorry, I guess i broke the rules for posting. Mods, please delete.

Hi both and thanks you very much for comment.

@Ynk : Yes ! I know this software Apophysis, it was very good, I used often in my space art
For the texture, I have mentionned website where I took it, just in case if some person are interrested by what must can use. It’s difficult to have good result with, you know, texture like 1280*720 etc. You don’t have the detail which progressively appear’s when you realize a travelling on your mesh.

Ryeath : thanks you. Don’t need to have big knowledges, just, if something bad jump in your eyes. Often I don’t see everything.

Just, I tell by advance, cause this was a big reproach on another forum.
My eart is something like earth tuto Andrew Price. I will never hide this fact ;). He have a very good result I find and I learn from him many thing (very good thing :slight_smile: !)
After I have modified many other thing, in particulary node tree for earth turntable.
I don’t know if I have forgotten to precise this but, here’s that’s all.

Hi all. I will not re create a subject for other scene cause this touch the same domaine so…

A new little concept art both realized with Photoshop/Blender.

real size

But suddenly I’m asking to me : Can I realize this in animation on Blender ?

I don’t know if I have the level for that but I’m crazy, I want to try hu hu >.< (this promise me some sleepless night !)

I’ve already good idea of what I want but, if you have suggestion.

the shadows in the city part seem a bit hard, try using more indirect lighting or just switching to cycles, it’s really not that slow when you know how to optimise it…
Also, consider animating the sun texture if you can, if you see footage of the sun it seems to be always moving. The fire effects are very well done, they all look like witchcraft to me as I can’t do any thing with simulations.