Spatio-temporal Motion tracking with unsynchronized cameras (Max Planck Institute)

Spatio-temporal Motion tracking with unsynchronized cameras

abstract from the paper:

"We present a new spatio-temporal method for markerlessmotion capture. We reconstruct the pose and motion of a
character from a multi-view video sequence without requir-

ing the cameras to be synchronized and without aligning

captured frames in time. By formulating the model-to-image
similarity measure as a temporally continuous functional,
we are also able to reconstruct motion in much higher tem-
poral detail than was possible with previous synchronized
approaches. By purposefully running cameras unsynchro-
nized we can capture even very fast motion at speeds that
off-the-shelf but high quality cameras provide."



I’ve seen similar software before, but using Kinect cameras. If it can use standard cameras though, this would be a very nifty tool for Blender…