Spawn A Turret

Hi. I have this test here where if the cube (Testing Cube) touches the turret (Turret-Beta), the turret disappears. The turret usually rests on a tube, but when the tube realises the turret is missing, I want it to add another turret. The turret is parented to an empty that ‘tracks-to’ the cube.

My problem here is that the turret doesn’t want to respawn. Can someone help me?

Thank you!

P.S. What is a Zombie-Object? The Engine keeps on telling me that when the cube touches the turret.


blockade.blend (1.09 MB)

Sorry, I do not know what a zombie object is.
But, something which you may not know already, judging by the file, is that if you select one object, hold down shift, then the other, so that they are both selected, you interconnect the logic.
For example, you are able to have a sensor on the turret_beta saying, if I collide with the player, but have the actuator on the green tube, saying “create a new turret_beta”.

This techniques is very useful, and you can get rid of the “touching” boolean value altogether.

A zombie object just means you have n object with a debug property enabled, and it was ended.