spawning questions.... with stile!!

Hi guys, I am making the most simplest game ever… well its not really a game its more of an experiment of mine, because i am a noob and i want to try something new :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my question, how do i make objects spawn at an area and make the time random and looping? Its not a particle or anything like that, its just an object like a simple cube.

I am planning on making a 2D “game” were you are a flat coned spaceship. you have to avoid the asteroids that are falling down. You can only move left and right and the asteroids can curve their falls to. O yeah i also forgot to ask… how do i make an object die after a certain amount of time or area? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it’s possible, I can make you a script to change the position of an object randomly on a certain area.
To make them disappear you just have to set time in the add object actuator.
Can you tell me where do you view the game from? (x, -x, y, -y, z, -z)
Also, it’s better if you learn python, not everyone’s gonna do everything for you, I’m doing this because it’s simple.

Hmmm im not to sure about my axis, but i can tell you that i like to view in default, you know the starting view when you create new.

o yeah python lol! i know i want to learn that badly. do you know panda 3D? well when i downloaded that program i couldn’t even get to start it because it requirse you to do something in python in order to get it to work :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for everything!

By any chance do you know how to make a breakout game?

What do you mean by a breakout game? Do you mean breaking the asteroids into little pieces?
Here’s the python installer:

Download this one, don’t go to 2.6.1. 2.5.x are the only one that work with blender for now.

a breakout game is a game were you have to break bricks using only a brick that you control and a ball that bounces everywhere in the game. you have to hit the ball in order to guide it to the bricks.

And here’s the file. You only have to make the ship, maybe some adjustments, check layer 2 for the asteroid.
A breakout game would be easily possible. You can even make a fps like quake 3 with blender GE, but you need to be experienced. And it’s not as effective because you can’t load external models in realtime yet.


randpos.blend (134 KB)

Hmm how strange i cant load it. what do you use to open the file?

Either in
C:/Program Files/Blender Foundation/Blender/blender.exe
C:/Blender Foundation/Blender/blender.exe

Thanks a lot B3D00 I finished doing the modifications and now all i need is a title, game display and lives. After that im going to sell this game for 1 dollar lol joking. After this project I am going to learn python, that way I can make more complex arcade games and them move up to 3D games. O yeah and don’t wurry about helping me with the title and stuff as I have seen it befor in the user manuals. Thanks for your help.

Yeahhh… i’d give it just another game or possibly a couple more simple games without python before using python… and actually… arcade games are harder than other genres sometimes.

Just set up an empty that spawns your cubes and make an ipo for it (like 1-100) that just makes it move back and foreth. Then just make it so that it is always adding cubes. For the random stuff just play around with the random actuator.

yeah i’ve noticed that. based on my experience, your first blender game should never be a break out game nor a pacman game. :{