Spawning Rigid Body Joints

Does anyone know how to “Add Object,” and spawn any rigid-body-jointed objects attached? Thanks.

Have then all parented to a empty, then remove the empty?

or end parent?

Currently the only way is to add joints after adding the objects (using Python)

Wait wait wait… HOLD on… Wraaah. Are you saying you can dynamically create rigid body joints? Could you give me a rundown of how this is done? When I look up ‘Rigid Body Joint’ in the blender api, all I get are a bunch of bpy functions.

some links
Tutorials for blender (module names are outdated):
Blender API bge.constraints module:

And if you feel up to it you can also check out the scripts in the BRIK add-on for an example in Blender 2.6x (

Wraah, you should get this rolled into a logic brick, and have it trunked, and have all the fancy properties that most actuators have,

you could also have a RBJ sensor… and all the python access to the properties:)

I would consider you a demi-god and potentially write a song about you…

Thanks Wraaah. Maybe I’ll give ragdolls another go.