Spawning the player!

I am just a few skips away from finishing my game and need too be able too allow the player too start the game in diferent locations depending on a password the player has earned. I use spawning nodes for all my randomly generated monsters wich works well, but, when I try it on the player the monsters go running after the node instead of the character. Is the armature’s point of origin getting stuck on the node? Should I end the nodes after spawning? Maybe I put the character in a crane that swings and drops and rotates the character so he lands on the ground outside which ever house the player chose too live, or droped off at the starting point for new games.

Soon as I figure that out I just add really bad music, i got a guitar and no know how. Then I got my first RPG.

Your questions can’t really be easily solved without a blend file, or at least a screenshot to examine. I have no idea what your actual problem is, either. Is it that you can’t physically spawn your player object into the game scene? Why can’t you just use an Add Object actuator?

It sounds like the player spawning works fine, but it causes the monster AI to mess up. I would guess that the monster AI is the issue here. Can you give us a description of how the AI works?

you can just keep your “player” on the same layer as everything else. And based on your variables, have the player play the corresponding frame number from the IPO. Or, you can use empties as spawn locations, and have your player copy the corresponding location with python.

The AI works through a combination of int’s controlling behavior randomly and a track too player too keep them pointing at the player. Until then it just wanders around randomly waiting for the player too pass by it’s feild of view or try too backstab it. I’ll experiment, I think it has something too do with the nodes bool.

The game is after all a string of me experimenting with things.

Maybe spawning only works when the player character isn’t made up of alot of objects parented too the armature. Hmmm, but the IPO thing actually works fine! So I don’t need too place invisible planes or empties at any player spawn points. It’s now a rotation location affair. You have too choose wich settlement too support and get you’re self a house. When you want too shut down you just go use the bed in you’re house, write down the password, and use the password too continue. The code generates based on the characters level, wich quests were finished,(Quallity quests for IGN bloggers too bad mouth lol),what weapons you have, teeth in the pouch(currency). That sort of thing. I just got a few more static objects for more colour, bad music,better game over and end game screens then I’m done.

It works with just data blocks too! Thats better than spawning or teleporting. Less objects. Monster AI doesn’t go wonky. Thanks it’s all solved, ready for people too play as a quick little first person RPG fix. Like porige not too big, might be too small, and I can make sequels really quick. Make em while I build my big ass swords and sorcery on an alien planet game.

The IPO thing works. Works better than spawning or teleporting cause you don’t have too add any extra objects too activate functions.

I think your problem was that the monsters were tracking to the original object in another layer the one you are adding and not to the added object as this can only be done in python because the newly added object is an new instance copied from the original object so you monsters track the original and have no idea the added object even exists concerning the track to actuator