spBlended: Game List

Hi guys,

I would like to make an appeal for everyone to submit their collection of “FINISHED” games here so I can add them to the spBlended game list. I originally intended to use the sticky game list in this forum but unfortunatlely it doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore and many of the links are down.

Please provide only links to executable files (no .blends) and only games that are considered “released”.

Thank you.
spBlended Administration Team :slight_smile: (me!)


the problem with distributing only exectuable files is that they are for only one platform. although they could probably be opened in blender, many people here have had exectuables with several .blend files, so they have their own [non-blenderplayer] executable which extracts somewhere and does some other obnoxous things

I don’t want to deal with an installer, I can probably deal with a single exe or a zipped bunch of files [with one an exe].

just hoping you could clarify what you mean by exectuables only
[and consider those people possibly running macos or linux]

Drum You could make a list like this

Filename .exe / .blend

so you can download both files?

Why exe? Why not .blend?

Becaus there may be more then just blender users visiting the site

z3r0 d

[and consider those people possibly running macos or linux]

most exe. files won’t work on macs (even trying to opening them on 2.25)

Hi Drum, the link to my games is at the bottom. Exes, blends and plugins.

Some of the games are quite old so go easy on me! LOL! :smiley:


Exactly NOR.J! spBlended is a site for people wishing to PLAY games - FINISHED games! That’s the whole point and I certainly don’t want to start supporting games which depend on Blender!

When I say “.exe” files, I was being too specific. I should have said “executable” files. I will accept binaries for any system, just not “blends” please. I am also happy to accept any form of compressed file as long and the contents are executable!

The runtime for my shooting gallery mini-game:


i could post my/ prince/ friedbraine game there when we are done wont be a while be loooong time but it would be finished sorta.