SPE 0.7.5.e - Python editor updated for Blender2.40!

Unhappy with Blenders text editor to write Python scripts? This Python IDE can run inside and outside Blender. Open the spe.blend file and press Alt+P. Spe has a Blender browser which can show all objects and modules in hierarchical tree control. Spe runs stable under Windows, Mac and Linux. Copy the blender script “spe_blender.py” to “.blender/scripts” to register spe in Blender script menu.

I just released the new version of SPE. Next releases (0.8.*) will focus on the Mac in honour of the fund raising for the purchase of a Mac. Read more on the homepage.

New features in this release:

  • UML export to bitmap (bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, png, pnm, tif, xbm,
    xpm), to vector drawing (eps) or to printer (pdf).
    See an example: http://www.stani.be/python/spe/images/smdi.pdf
  • Dialog box for passing arguments and options to debugger.
  • Unicode support (specify encoding in source file)

You can read more on the SPE news blog. If you like SPE, please contribute by coding, writing documentation or donating. Spread the word on blogs, …

Especially it would be nice if some Blender SPE users write a chapter for the manual about Blender & SPE.

It would be nice if some (experienced) Mac users would subscribe to the
developers mailing list to speed up the Mac port for SPE. I expect my
new Mac any moment.

Spe is a python IDE with auto-indentation, auto completion, call tips, syntax coloring, uml viewer, syntax highlighting, class explorer, source index, auto todo list, sticky notes, integrated pycrust shell, python file browser, recent file browser, drag&drop, context help, … Special is its blender support with a blender 3d object browser and its ability to run interactively inside blender. Spe ships with wxGlade (gui designer), PyChecker (source code doctor) and Kiki (regular expression console). Spe is extensible with wxGlade.



The editor seems to work fine outside of Blender, but when I run the script in spe.blend I get the following error:

File: "spe editor", line 13, in ?
ImportError: No module named _spe.SPE
/\: Invalid Argument

Thanks for any help.

Strange. I’ll release soon SPE 0.7.5.e which is enhanced for Blender 2.4 This version works with me in Blender 2.4, python.2.4, wxpython 2.6 on Windows xp sp2. Next time you have to give these details as well.

Sorry, I meant to give those details but forgot:

Windows XP SP2
Blender 2.4 Alpha

I guess I’ll try to release in one hour. Let me know if it works. If you have subversion, you could get it already now at: http://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/python/spe/trunk


This is an old screenshot, but SPE’s Blender browser got updated for Blender 2.40!

New features:

* insert signature ctrl+shift+i (signature file is set in preferences)
* backup files (.py.bak)

Bug fixes:

* unicode major bug fixes
* spe startup on linux
* script windows come again on top if already open

I know that you mentioned that was an old screenshot, but how do I get the Blender tab to appear in the SPE interface, I don’t see it anywhere? I thought it would be interested to look around the Blender API as I am just learning Python (in general and in Blender). Thanks.

I have every tab except the “Blender” one.

Very simple: open the _spe/spe.blend and press Alt+P in the text area. Note that gui interaction with blender is disabled when you use SPE. It’s not a bug, at the moment there is no other way.

It’s more fun to open the Blender browser on a full drawing rather than an empty one.

I installed version f this evening and I am still having a problem getting Blender 2.40 Alpha to run the script. The error is the one that I reported earlier concerning an import error where there is no module named _spe.SPE. The stand-alone IDE works fine. Is there something that I need to change in Blender with the path to get it to see _spe.SPE?

For me it works fine. Let’s see… Can you run the following program and report the output?

import sys
print sys.path

Here’s what I get:

Using Python version 2.4
['C:\\PYTHON24', 'C:\\PYTHON24\\DLLS', 'C:\\PYTHON24\\LIB', 'C:\\PYTHON24\\LIB\\
LIB-TK ', 'C:\\Program Files\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\python24.zip', 'C:\\P
ython24\\Lib', 'C:\\Python24\\DLLs', 'C:\\Python24\\Lib\\lib-tk', '', 'C:\\Progr
am Files\\Blender Foundation\\Blender', 'C:\\PROGRA~1\\BLENDE~1\\Blender', '/Pro
gram Files\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\.blender\\scripts', '/Program Files\\Bl
ender Foundation\\Blender\\.blender\\scripts\\bpymodules', 'C:\\Program Files\\B
lender Foundation\\Blender\\.blender\\scripts', 'C:\\Program Files\\Blender Foun

Thanks for helping me out with this issue, I’m sure I’m probably just missing something obvious.

Ah, I see there is a bug in Blender as ‘C:\Python24\lib\site-packages’ should be in it. Add this to your PYTHONPATH. If you don’t know how to do that, browse this forum as there are many posts about that.

If you execute the code outside Blender, you’ll see what I mean.

Works prefectly, thanks for your help. I look forward to trying it out.

I would appreciate a link to some notes about adding ‘C:\Python24\lib\site-packages’ to the python path. I’m just trying to use SPE outside of blender and can’t get it to run. Is this my system path? I don’t have a PYTHONPATH system variable setup. Do I add a new one? I did a search through this forum and couldn’t find a specific answer.

For other info… running 2.37a on windowsXPpro.

Did you install Python and wxPython first? If you installed python than sys.path will include the site-packages directory. Running SPE outside Blender should never be a problem.

Tada! Thanks… It wasn’t apparent that it required wxPython. Thanks!

Of course now I see the Requirements bit… totally missed that… and it wasn’t in the readme.txt file. My bad… looks cool… Been meaning to try this out. Thanks for the help again.

#1) Stani did you get my note on your website on using SPE with Panda3d?

#2) How would one run this with blender2.4 but still keep it functional in blender2.37 with python 2.3. I do not want to switch totally over to blender 2.4 until its officially released.

#3) is there anyway to print or screen shot the uml diagrams INSIDE spe. I can do it with a screenshot program. But that seems a bad workaround.

1)Yes, but I asked you for a link to the newsgroup.

2)Doesn’t it still run in Blender2.37 SPE works with python2.3

3)Recent versions of SPE allow you to print uml diagrams or to save them as a bitmap or vector drawing.

Here is the url stani