SPE and Rigging

Hey, I’m attempting to do my first work in Blender and have many questions but I’ll start with just two :spin: . I’ve been trying to get SPE up and running because from what I’ve seen, its the only editor that can access Blender’s API because it runs from within Blender? I’m kind of desperate for Autocomplete and debugging:-) Does it still run with the latest versions of stuff? I haven’t seen anything written about it in some time.

Second, I’m a maya guy and normally I script out my rigs with MEL. I really enjoyed the Mancandy DVD etc… but there isn’t a lot of info that I could find on actually creating the armatures with python. I’ve seen some work where people invoke code that does work with armatures, but there is very little advice on where to start actually building the code to create an armature from the ground up. Aside from the Blender librarys, can anyone think of tutorials on this kind of thing. I can give more details on what I’m trying to do if people want to hear but I hate to ramble so I’ll stop now :eyebrowlift:

I have not seen any tutorials like that but if you study the python API docs you can figure out how to do it. You can create armatures and create constraints through python. But my approach is rather to just reuse the rig and reposition the bones using guide objects etc.

Python API Documentation

Sorry if i could not help

ps. the blender editor has an autocompletion feature, you need to check the python text plugins button. Weird thing is, sometimes it doesnt work unless if i delete all *.pyc files in my script folder.