SPE gone forever ?

I was hoping to try out the SPE python IDE but it looks like the website maybe down permanently.
Also I have not been able to find an alternate website, does anyone know where I can download the latest Windows version please ?
Or as a final thought, anyone got a zipfile they could possibly email me ?
Thanks for your time
Regards Geoff

I think it is gone. Luckily I saved the latest version on a CD-R. I wrote a pm to Stani thru blenderartist last week, asking if he was still around. I have not gotten a reply yet though.

Was looking too for a better Python IDE. Found version 0.7 download here http://projects.blender.org/projects/spe

0.8.3c here: http://www.tradebit.com/filesharing.php/7007


Thanks for the help guys, I have now downloaded SPE. Now if only I could figure out how to make it run :frowning:
The instructions were a bit brief
“Drop the ‘_spe’ directory in your ‘lib’ folder. You can then run ‘lib/_spe/spe.pyw’ or ‘lib/_spe/spe.py’ with Movable Python.”
I have unzipped into my Python24 lib folder, but stuck at that point, wondering what it meant exactly by “run”. I was expecting to find a Windows *.exe file. Maybe it means you have to run it from a Python console shell. ?
I will carry on tinkering, unless someone can point me in the right direction
Thanks Geoff

Hmmm. I PM Stani yesterday about the website being down. I also got no reply. Too bad.

GeoffW: checkout http://showmedo.com/videos/series?name=PythonDevelopmentWithSPE

There’s an excellnet video intriduction to SPE.

That’s a pity. I kinda liked SPE.

There is also ERIC which isn’t bad on Linux, but I’m not really sure how to get this working properly on Windows.

On Windows there’s PythonWIN, but I personally don’t like that IDE much. I find it quite flakey when developing with wxPython.


Shame too see it die. As far I know it was one of the best Python IDE I ever found. Too bad it only crashed a lot when running python scripts from it, but still I really liked it.

Still active on sourceforge


Spe.py is a python program.

In Windows, say that the path to the program was C:\Python24\lib\site-packages_spe\SPE.py

The brute force method is to click the START button, go to Programs/Accessories, and run Command Prompt. A black window will appear. Type in
python C:\Python24\lib\site-packages_spe\SPE.py
and SPE will appear.

The elegant method is to add a new entry to the start menu. Make a new shortcut that says something like
C:\Python24\python.exe “C:\Python24\lib\site-packages_spe\SPE.py”

Clicking on this will run SPE.

In addition you need to install wxpython

Which can be found here:

FWIW, SPE version 0.8.3.c is still in the Gentoo Portage tree. There’s probably some way of retrieving the source for non-Gentools out there…



[edit]Never mind - get it from Sourceforge!

i don’t know if anybody’s interested but you can write python very well with the ConText as-well, on the windows platform that is…

I do hope Stani comes back. I LOVE this IDE even though I do not use it much. It just has SSSOOO many features that I can see just from starting it up. How about some of you python expert trying to document it. I have the old pdf that came with and earlier version but many of the instruction and notes on how to cutomize SPE in that document do not apply to the newest version. And sinc I am not and export in either wxpython or wxglade I have know Idea how to modify SPE.

According to Stani, the SPE site will be back in February. SPE is definitely not dead.

The Berlios Forge has more versions for the 0.8.3 branch dating october 2006 (win and Python 2.5, 2.4,etc).


SPE is the IDE I prefer and I made a donation few month ago but I’m puzzled. :confused:

It takes a minute to link the DNS/URL to the Berlios or Sourceforge downloads and the problem is known for weeks and weeks and weeks …

… time to try pydev for me (I can’t advocate a software that a programmer obviously don’t want his users to find). :no:

Follow its development at the blog:

I don’t visit this forum frequently, so you better leave a comment on my blog. To show support for SPE, please digg blog posts.



Wow! Best news so far. I want to run SPE in openSUSE 10.2, but cant find any RPMs to support this distro. The ones from RedHat dont want to install.

P.S. Please also update the RSS channel, beacouse Im reading the SPE RSS news (http://pythonide.stani.be/blog/rdf91_xml), but here is no news from a loooong time (27 octombrie 2006).

There is no real need for a rpm. SPE is 100% python. So you can just download the no-setup.zip and run it from the shell. I would advice you to install subversion (for sure rpm available) and download SPE from there as described on my blog.

The RSS news feed address has changed:

You have more chance getting an answer by leaving a comment on my blog.