these are the speakers to my cd player, it is a philips MC-500 Micro System. i think i will also model the cd player later.

C&C plz

nice color balance and good lighting. The rendering is somewhat grainy. AO set to a low sample value, I suppose, as it is now a common issue :wink: … Unfortunately, it hides the details of the black box and the speaker area… Good glow effect, even if I hate post-processing on Blender pictures %| Anyway, it is overall a good pic from my point of view. Perhaps should you model the black-and-red wires exiting from the rear of the boxes?

it reall doesnt look any better, but i added the wires, and more samples.

i took the glow away for this render


I think you should separate the speakers a bit so they don’t blob together in the back. And maybe add a poster or something on a back wall? It is a little drab.

this was just to kinda show off the model. i am working on the cd player at the moment, so i will have a nice scene for it, and the speakers.

Fair Enough.

i am just about done with it, and then i will make a scene. when i am finished, i will create a new thread

Good Job. I think you should separate them a little though, looks the are one piece. Keep working on it. And now that I think of it, I shall make some more to go with the subwoofer I did…

Nice modelling. I really like the wood texture on the table as well. One of the most realistic I’ve seen.