My speaker project so far. Have been working on it for 2 hours approx. I’m still newbie to blender. Have been working with Blender for two weeks now, and I’m still learning.
But this is the project so far:

I think my next step will be fix the speaker holder (the big grey thing). Think it needs a little touch.
Then make the blue thing more round in the shapes, and maybe make it abit more thin.
Then I’m going to add some wires on the speakers.
When thats done, I think I will try smooth it at some how.
Texturing, haven’t I thought much about yet, but thinking abit about, making the blue thing, black and shiny, with a rough black speaker holder, and the speakers will be dark grey.

*Maybe going to add another speaker, with one big speaker in it, in same design, and some small ones to hang op on walls.

Ideas and other comments appreciated! :slight_smile:

wow, looks great looking forward to renders!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGn7Fg926HA

I have:

  • Added new speakers
  • Edited first speaker. The two small speakers are moved abit down, and the top is now more round.

What I need to do now:

  • Fix small bugs in the models
  • Critics?
  • And last, texturing.

So. Updated.
Now I have fixed SOME of the small bugs, and added new speakers.
I still got alot to do, and need to check out some tuts about making a shiny black texture, and still need to model abit on the models, but I have uploaded a video on youtube, where i have subsurfed the speakers, and viewing them all.

  • Need texturing, and fixing bugs.

Please give some critics, and other comments, where I can improve the speakers.