Spec map help

Hey guys I’m making a strange guy to pracise lip syncing.

I need help/advice in making a specular map, like where to start etc.


At the moment hes in 4-5 bits (eyes, head, torso, legs and boots) should I join all the meshs together? Will this mess up the textures?

Thx and all help will be greatly appreciated.


I like the way Ernie looks. Nice job so far. I don’t believe it’s critical that you join all of the meshes together in order to animate him, though you may find that you run into some difficulty in weighting the skeleton properly with separate meshes. I would try to join everything together, and even go so far as to weld all the verts together, where possible. That said, I’m not very experienced when it comes to animation.

I did find this tutorial on specularity, it may be of some use to you.

Good luck!