'Special' Aqsis Render Challenge !!!

The Aqsis Team (www.aqsis.org) recently released a very special render challenge, for those who want more a little more than a regular prize…


Though time is short on this one, opportunities like this don’t come often in life so feel free to make the most of it !!! :slight_smile:

Ton’s recent announcement aside, there are various scripts floating around already to help those get there scenes out of Blender and into Aqsis - Just do a search either here or in our forum.


I’d really like to do that. But the export script just plain stinks. And I tried K3D, but there isn’t much of a instruction manual.

Same here, I´d love to participate.
But as you (panther) may or may not recall - you where all over at that
forum trying to help me out getting Aqsis compiled and up´n´running.
And while successfull at that - porting files from Blender to Aqsis
where hardly that successfull and of course a major put-off for
potential entries or participants (something the number of actual
participants and contributions really show on its own).

But when something actually works besides the stand-alone-renderer
I´d probably be the first in line to test, beta, alpha and try everything
out again. Because I guess we´d all love a renderman compliant
renderer with Blender.

I´m not a coder - but my guess is that when the new Blender Nodes
(known as noodles) come around - shader implementation will
be a LOT easier than before and should hence be at all possible then.

But until then…

…I´d wish I where there with you guys to give the competitors a run for
their money :wink:


i have to second that.

the moment there is a better engine than blenders internal or yafrray
i am using it. but i just do not have time to to next to model and texture
invest time into hoping to get stuff running in aqsis.

i also hope that with the rewrite of the render engine and the new node
system the coders will also give rib export another try!


More than a regular prize, forget prizes just get a script that works, then you wont need prizes to get people interested in your render engine.

I’ve also given up trying to get the various renderman scripts working with Blender and Aqsis or Pixie for that matter.

And out of the two I prefer Pixie anyway. It has I believe more features including GI.

When there’s a decent script I might be more interested.

Good Luck

This isn’t an exercise to “get people interested”, we were asked to offer this opportunity by the author of the book.

Well, that may be, but unfortunately, the offer from the author of the book is for images rendered with Aqsis, so Pixie wouldn’t be any use anyway.

Fine, nobody’s forcing anyone to take part, the offer is simply to put some effort in and get your work in print, simple as that.


Paul Gregory

The prizes that have been very kindly donated are there to allow us to give something back to the community for their efforts (amongst other things, like testing).

Bear in mind Aqsis is a stand-alone renderer, which doesn’t care about the modelling/animation system used, not just something that going to be slapped into Blender and nothing more - Different people/communities have different interests/requirements.

I can appreciate that, as a user myself, which is one of the reasons why we are creating our own (definitive) Blender > Aqsis exporter.

That’s fair enough, but also one of the beauties of RenderMan… it’s a standard, not a product - So you can chop-n-change renderers as you wish/requirements change. :slight_smile:


I can appreciate that, as a user myself, which is one of the reasons why we are creating our own (definitive) Blender > Aqsis exporter.

Saw that on the Aqsis forum. Definitely good news! I’m betting there are many Blender-users willing to push Aqsis to it’s limits, once there’s a usable exporter. Wouldn’t hurt your gallery section %| :wink:

Indeed. Good blender->rib will help U more than anything else, I think. Even current art made with blender can be rerendered with aqsis, if all or most of the blender’s features can be exported to rib. I really think that blender’s material properties are not so hard to mimic with rman shading language. 2.42’s node editor will obviously be unavailable with the first versions of Ur exporter, but things like specular intensity, diffuse textures, displacement maps is a must and not so hard to implement.
Btw, getting DOF parameters from clipping is not really a good idea. I think blender will have such params sooner or later and DOF is not so important right now. Such a thing will definately bug newbies, making them keep in mind that when they render with Blender’s internal, it is clipping, but when with Aqsis, it is DOF … it is just weird.

I’m really looking forward to Aqsis support in Blender. I’ve been aching to use Aqsis for quite some time, but the scripts so far are just too much of a pain. There was brief tuhopuu support for it, and that was really nice, but then that got abandoned.

Believe me, the second there is good Aqsis support in Blender, that’s what I’ll be using. Keep up the good work guys. Your renderer is appreciated. There just needs to be better support for it.

There was brief tuhopuu support for it, and that was really nice, but then that got abandoned.

Could you tell me which patch version has aqsis export supported. I’d like to try out.

Is there a downlodable version of blender 2 aqsis exporter BtoR Plugin?