Special Blender Versions?

I was reading the lastest @ndy topic and saw that Robertt showed that there was a Masterpiece button. Today, I was doing some shifting with the windows and found this!: (The Red is my own User Theme :D) With the Create section, you can say what you want (in this case I treid a fairy scene) and the computer adds the objects, lamps, otherthings automaticly. Although I never found the masterpice button it’s if even better cause it gives better control.
(hope you don’t mind Robertt for hotlinking, otherwise say so)
This started me to wonder, anybody else seen something like this? If so, please post a screenshot. :wink:

Hm. It was funnier the first time with Robertt. :expressionless:

man, are you colourblind or something? :wink:


What does this mean?

not much :slight_smile:

Give me the build!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what you’re talking about but the colours look horrible…


I guess that is your opinion. I like the colors.

Bleh. Adding masterpieces isn’t worth it if we lose Suzanne :wink:

well it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue: With those buttons you can create a complete perfect picture, no more modeling etc.

Well, you already have it, but this only appears if you can also do it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, I coudn’t see it when it was all grey. I had before a blueish version but that was ugly (like this one :smiley: ) For my fans: (R2Blend only I think :P)

Why should we lose Suzie?

Now have a nice day, it’s finally good wether :smiley:

In the first one - “Monkey” has been replaced with “Masterpiece” %|

oh :expressionless: Here the monkey is placed under mesh > cube etc. under grid.

Oh yeah… doi!
/me slaps himself about a bit with a large trout

that’s quite a funky set up you got there BackiZ. Do you ever get headaches? :slight_smile:

lo0l, owuld be cool to have difrent skins to blender, but for me blender is not a toy, so for me it is pointless…

I noticed your buttons-

“beauty screw” was that intentional? :o