Special Challenge #400 (27/08/10) CLOSED

Theme #400 for 27 August 2010 is: Centuries

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Thursday 2 September 2010.

This Super Challenge lasts a whole week, there might be prizes involved (details pending).

Placeholder!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Have to;)
Properly lays his towel on the spot.

Somethings change some stay the same
Ok here is what I have for now this is taking too long. lol
Pure blender including smoke


All we have.



Not what I did at the weekend but just a copy of an image found on Google images…

Not even sure if this counts in the theme, as I really couldnt think of anything.


Possible placeholder. I have a lot of coursework to do :frowning: x

Here’s my entry. I know it’s not the best but hey :slight_smile: Clock faces done in GIMP and sky image from a texture library. I’m only just starting out and I hope these comps will accelerate my progress! :smiley:

‘Time keeps Turning’

placeholder ( maybe )

Nice change, i appreciate it
But atleast promote this thing!

i’m sure there will be loads of quality entries.

maybe push this forum to the top and bring of topic down

Title: “Centuries Apart?”
Blender 2.49b, Gimp 2.6.10

What I’ve got so far (in the event I have to work extra this week).
08/31/2010 - 07:05AM - Updated.

+1 !!!

Or you could just delete off-topic…:yes:
Why in the world is it at the top??? Above artwork? Really.

Nice entries here.

I feel all embarrassed! My entry is full size >_< How do you do thumbnailss…? :\ sorry

Hehe, I had to write notes cause I can never remember. If you use Image shack you can do this (and only reason I use imageshack is for the thumbs). My notes (I have an example too if it will help):


1.) Copy line from “Embed thumbnails of this image”, “Alt Forum”.
2.) Delete garbage text.
3.) Replace first URL with the “Direct Link”, making sure to replace the trailing ‘/’ after the URL.
4.) For the second URL, change [IMG=Link] to ![Link, making sure to replace the ‘]’ before the ](Link, making sure to replace the ‘]’ before the ).
5.) Cut n paste to web form.

Hey there! Here’s my entry :slight_smile:

Title: Even flowers grow old

Pure. All 3D work and most post processing in Blender 2.53 Beta.


Full size ------> http://robo3d.com/images/EFGO.jpg
Thumb -----> http://robo3d.com/images/EFGOThumb.jpg


Nice entries so far, gook luck all :smiley: :smiley:



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