Special Edition Website!

(DreamMaster) #1

I am proud to announce the special edition version of my website! Behold the link, http://www.dm7.net

Happy Holidays everyone!

P.S. My birthday’s in 4 days… (Dec. 10th)… hint… hint… hint. :smiley:

(IMProvisar) #2

Hehe, that’s cool.


(seval) #3

Is it that time of year again ? The red really hurts my eyes. And of course, I am kidding. Happy Holidays.

(Timonides) #4

Happy holidays DreamMaster… :smiley:

Hey… sweet page!!! I like the snowflakes very much…


(malefico) #5

Hey DrumMonster ! Cool snow, but the worst colours ever :smiley: :smiley:

Just a hint: light up your logo, is barely noticeable.


PD: the second part of WP’s animation tute is missing (404)

(adyus) #6

let me be the first one on this thread to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Comments: Ho Ho HO! Meeeery Christmas! Some reindeer pics would look good next to your logo, maybe Rudolf the red-nosed alcoholic reindeer. :slight_smile:

How come the 404 error page is still black? I mean, put something like on the homepage, only change it so it says “This is Santa’s Main Switching Board. You are trying to reach an unlisted number.” And why can’t I see the central pic on the 404 page? Huh?

I loved ur page! I think I’ll sped my Christmas night there!

(bgrav) #7

yeah, Happy Birthday and good work on the site. It looks great!