special effects

Yeah, I heard that blender can be used to make movies. I want to know how to add particle effects into my movies?

In the Object panel (F7 key, the tab with the three arrows) you will find the physics button (the orange-yellow L-shape with particels flying away from it). There you can create particles, amongst others.
Basically, you pick an object as your emitor and you adjust the numerous settings in order to get what you’re looking for.
I suggest you look for tutorials or the like in order to learn how to work with it, because it’s a bit too complicated to explain in a post. Plus, I don’t fully understand it either :smiley:
However, if your definition of “adding particle effects in my movies” is: shooting a movie with live actors (not an animation movie) and then using the pc to add cheap special effects, then I can’t help you.

so once I make the particle, can I add it to the animation panel with all the objects in it?

Your particles will be rendered in your animation just like all your objects, textures and whatnot. You don’t have to do anything special when you animate them, once you’ve created them they’ll obey the physics you posed to them, they’ll behave the way you told them to etc. in the animation (or still render).
However, if you’re new to blender or 3D Computer Graphics (CG) in general, I strongly recommend staying away from physics and animation until you have a basic grasp of the blender UI (user interface) and modeling. If you can’t scale a model or add a smooth modifier to it, then don’t bother with the particle system; you won’t be able to handle it in that case :wink:

also is it possible to render both particle and object animations in the same scene?
edit: Oh sorry!

I’m pretty familar with 3d graphics, I worked with 3d canvas for a while. Once I (Hopefully) get a new computer, I’m going to work with blender to make some 3d models

That’s quite allright. It’d be a pity if you couldn’t do those two at the same time :wink:

having expirience with CG is handy, but Blender is quite different from the rest. It takes a while to get used to, but once you do, you’ll wish all your other programs worked the same way :smiley:

I have two maps showing all of the hotkeys (shortcuts) in Blender. Alot of features can ONLY be accessed via these, but once you get used to them, they’ll only speeden up the process.

These are the maps.

Good luck and happy Blendin’:cool:

thanks you