Special Effects

Hello, I seem to be running into the problem of special effects more and more these days, but there are practically no tutorials on them.

In particular, I am interested in creating a momentary distortion effect. It needs to be animated, pinching and inflating and then it needs to be gone. I think I would need to use nodes, but if not, my best guess would be to use code. Any insight on this would be awesome.

As a bonus question, is there any way I can get a realtime magnification effect?

Again, thanks for your thoughts.

For the magnification question an IPO on the camera would do the trick. The lens counter,in the edit tab, in the buttons window(superior-overwhelming-ness) you need to add a keyframe by pressing ’ i ', but the mouse has to be in the buttons window when you do press ’ i '. then move like 25 frames ahead and do it again but change the lens to like 50. and the add a “keyboard” sensor(the button is your choice) connect it to an and controller and conncet that to a IPO Actuator, it should be flipper from frame 1 to frame 25.

For flipper you have to hold it down.

and here is the .blend for you.


Camera.blend (174 KB)

Thanks, but not what I was looking for :D. I was talking more on the lines of a “material,” as opposed to a zoom effect. Thanks for taking the time to rig that up for me though!

I am hoping somebody answers my question, so I don’t have to :p. Can somebody just be direct and simply tell me: “There is no way to do that.” That would help much also…

I’m not very familiar with video textures, but I think thats the way to go

This should be more along the lines of what you need: Linky

martinsh made some nice distortion filters. A wavy distortion and a “barrel” distortion. The barrel one could be used for magnification, but it’s a whole screen filter, as is the wavy one. If you search for water shaders you can find other distortions that have more of a “pinching” effect, that apply only to materials.

@Shatter: I could do video textures, but in this particular instance, it would steal too much from the user. I need interactivity with it. Thanks anyhow.

@Spewboy: I think this is closer to what I wanted to achieve, a great link. Thanks!

What I need is a filter that I can “isolate,” I don’t want it to cover the whole screen, I need it to attach itself to an object… Take for instance a missle. What I want is for the missle, when shot, to leave a kind of “invisible rippling trail” with some distortion. Is there a way to isolate these filters on an object level?

I know the effect you’re looking for (they use it a lot in STALKER, for example over fires and around anomalies) Videotexture sounds about right- place an invisible plane where you want the distortion to be, use videoTexture to apply what the camera sees to the plane (and make sure the UV map is transformed to match up with the section of the camera view the plane covers) then distort the resulting image (procedural transformations, such as ripples, shouldn’t be too hard- but I have no experience in this regard)

Hmmmm… Yes, thanks for that. I hadn’t thought of that method. The only thing missing from that is if I made the trail transparent, how could I make the objects in the background appear distorted? I am starting to think it’s beyond BGE, but then again, how do other engines achieve this? I wish I could ask a pro on how they did it, code or graphics, but I’m afraid I have no access to one… I am pretty sure it’s not built into any one of those engines… What’s the technique?