Special place

This is a painting I had to create for my computer art class. We had to come up with an imaginary special place, and the purpose was to focus on texture & depth. I drew it 100% in Photoshop. any comments/crits are welcome!


hmmmm perhaps a better webhost would be nice.

hotlinking or even click linking is not allowed.


nice pic though, the only crit would really have is the bark on the tree looking a bit weird, other than that the grass is nice and it has a good feel.


The hotlink works…

It has a very fantasy feel to it, especially with the sunbeams. I dare not think what might lurk in the hole. :o


Thanks for the comments! Sorry about my webhost, I guess I should try to find a better one. :expressionless:

Yeah, the bark was not exactly as realistic as I wanted but I ran out of time, and plus I couldn’t use any source images, it had to be painted and only use the built in plugins in Photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also had some people point out to me that it looks like the letter S in the foreground, that was just an accident, and I hadn’t even noticed until I heard that.