Special Project - Stage Two

I showed you the wheels, now here’s the stainless steel body.


it’s a little too shiny, I know.

Really nice start! Some of the edges seem to be a bit sharp, IMO, (i.e. around the grill and along the top edge of the front fenders). That is just a minor point and I am sure you will fix it.


Real nice. What car model is it? Looks a little like a Delorean (sp?) to me :wink:

Rendered in Yafray i take it - i’ll keep an eye on your posts :smiley:

I think it’s a bit more gray, could be the lighting (a touch of yellow maybe?)

1337 modelling though!


nice guess :wink:

By now most of it is finished. I’ll probably have to stop updating it soon though. class is starting and it blows goats.

dude… that is so k3wl.

for some reason I’m in a tutorial mode. I’ve been reading every tutorial I can find… even the ones I read. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I think I’m missing something…
but anyhoo… you should write a tutorial or something.

that’s some uber-blending yer doing, so you should teach all the n00bs like me how ya do it!! :smiley:

and I do mean UBER-BLENDING!!

well its silver

and i rendered with a yellow light. I have to re-do that when I finish it up

Very cool :slight_smile:


:o :o
8) Cool
Two questions:
You have used Mesh or Sub-Surf?
You when end? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope soon :smiley:

nice work! yafray seems to do alot of justice to car models =D great job

:o Nice!

This looks like it’s going to be amazing when finished!

Will you do a special Back to the Future version? :smiley:

I’m doing the modeling in Wings3D.

It’s a subdivision mesh. I’m having a lot of trouble, though, with the rear portion of the vehicle and it look typically s-meshed (It’s a gently curved shape with holes. this is understandably very hard to do with sub-d’s)

Anyhow, I’ve got to put in more ime with that section and when I’m done with it I sould be almost finished. Then comes the trim, headlights, grilles, and windows. Then it’s time for the interior. Yay.
I hope I finish it soon

I hope yafray gets proper anisotropic shaders soon too.