special responsibility

Hey i did just finished a very short animation. But I am not realy happy with it. Two reasons i don´t get the texturing look good. And for some reasons I do not get the secret of animation what is ist what would let i look more smooth and real.

I really look forward to hear any critiques. And learn a lot.


From a video editing standpoint… the cuts are too fast. :spin:

Nothing wrong with your edit but I would say some of your shots are badly framed and not easily “read”. The text overlay is a little distracting and breaks the overall chilling mood. Do you plan on taking this any further?

At first thank you very much for your feedback. I don´t feel like taking this any further because I do not like the Modelling and it has not realy a story or something like that.

I will now wait a little before I start to early with something that ends like this.

interesting stuff though… would love to see more… feels like some sort of a trailer…

I don’t get it.