Specific Complex Shape Quick Assistancs

I need some assistance designing some somewhat complex shapes. I am a intermediate beginner and am working on some works for me to combine later for a large project I’m working on, but I’ve spent 4+ Days trying to figure out how to do some of the more complicated shapes. Most of these shapes I tried making from scratch with the bevel tool since most edges are curves, but I have not found any working way to do this. Included are 3 images that shows the specifics. I’ll list of the issues I ran into in order from first to last:

  1. I’m unsure what to start with in order to get all the complicated shapes without wasting time.

  2. It needs to be mostly symmetrical besides a few animations I’ll add later.

  3. The most complex shape (The Shape shown in the first 2 images) must move around a semicircle rotating as it moves (The 2 farthest position are noted in the example from the 3rd image), and it must split into 2 segments which move forward and back slightly for a particular animation where something will come out of it.

  4. Most animations are mirrored except 2 in particular.

  5. There is a recess in the middle-top (Both front and back partitions) [Blacked out sections in the top 2 photos] which adds more to the complicated geometry but has no function besides visual.

  6. As mentioned before for one particular animation they will have another object protruding from them so they must be able to split evenly forward and back.

The 3 reference images are separated by blue lines in the following png. The top 2 are the item I’m having difficulty making and the bottom shows animation/position/rotational needs from the front.

It’s a bit unclear from the drawing… This shape?


That is the shape indeed!

Ok, then this was, more or less:

  • a cube with subdivision surface level 4, followed by the Cast modifier (to sphere, factor 1)
  • modifiers applied, scale it individually on X, Y and Z to match the drawing outline
  • delete the bottom
  • flatten the back (i.e. scale it on the appropriate axis to 0) and bridge the bottom hole closed
  • use a cylinder with around 64 sides to make the recess cutout with the Boolean modifier (just scale it non-uniformly to match the drawing, just like the initial shape)
  • fix the topology a bit using the knife, connect vertex path, inset tools

To get the bottom to arch, you can either use another Boolean to cut it off, or you can just make a vertex group out of the bottom vertices and use the Shrinkwrap modifier with that vertex group, with a cylinder of an appropriately large radius.

Finally, add the subdivision surface, any missing supporting edges for shape, and then just mirror (don’t forget to untick Merge on the Mirror modifier).

This is so helpful! Thank you so much!