Specific flame in eevee

I have been experiencing issues with my flame in blender. Right now it looks like a big cloud of fire but I want it to look like this: https://cms.qz.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/landing-spacex.jpg?quality=75&strip=all&w=1600&h=900&crop=1
I can upload project file and picture of what the flame looks like in a few hours. I am doing this in eevee. What am I doing wrong? I followed this tutorial: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4z-YtZvWkVs
But it looks nothing like that. How do I achieve a more precise condensed flame like the spacex rocket? Thanks.
EDIT: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1G1TLTFEM7yzvUW3bOl9nlfwRs7P4IJky Heres the file and here is a picture of what the flame looks like with the settings that are in the project file now. The two objects that are important in the project file are the flame emitter and domain. The flame emitter should be in the bottom of the rocket as a small round plane.

OK, I looked at your file and checked out the tut. I think the big problem you are having and will continue to have is the movement of the emitter. I have had a lot of trouble get fire to behave with a moving emitter. For this I recommend asking the maker of that video (tutorial) maybe he has some techniques.

I built a rough file based on the tut. Some things to notice; Adaptive domain (scales the domain based on the actual need), The Principled Volume (he bumps up the blackbody strength to 30)… on the domain, He added turbulence, 640 samples on my computer which is of modest power would take at least 3 or 4 hours (just a guess) but 10 samples might be too low to see anything so leaving it at the default 64 might be best until you want to do the final bake then I believe you switch replay to modular or final.
falcon9-demo.blend (594.4 KB)

In your file I see a few things that may make the process more difficult. The thing is going backwards, don’t know if this makes it less manageable but I think it may and, as I said before, its moving. The wind is below the emitter. Try samples like the default 64 to get a better idea. I also tried increasing the wind to 800 which may or may not have helped.

These are just the things I see that present themselves as challenges. I hope this helps you to get closer to your goal.

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Yeah I figured it was something with the movement because when I tried to make it in a still animation in another file it sometimes worked. I will download the file later and take a look. Thanks. I’ll let you know if I somehow miraculously figure out how to make it work. Oh and also I asked the make and he wasn’t supper either so :confused: also 640 samples would take 28 hours straight to bake soooo crap.

Sorry I keep adding more stuff, but most of the time in high res the flame fires once when it enters the domain and never goes again. Why would it do that?

Yeah, that is a lot of samples, looks good though.

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Honestly I don’t know.

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