Specific help converting triangles to quads

Hi, am very new to blender (basically have 15 hours of modeling time, and nothing before blender :P) and I’ve got a little prolem with converting tris to quads on a model of mine…
I have tried making cuts, sub-divisions, and edge loops but can’t seem to get those triangles away :mad:

A simple image of my problem can be seen at the link below, the two red triangles on the image are the ones I’m having trouble with. They don’t really matter that much, but they mess up the surface flow a little. I’m currently using subsurf for smothening, and I havn’t really figured how to make good lines with tris yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway here’s the pic:


You need to subdivide the area to accommodate a quad where your tri is located - delete the tri face, then loop cut the quad above to create a new vert in the same face area, so that a quad can fill where your tri is.