Specific value help needed

From the apricot http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Bf-institute/ApricotBgeLogic

“To make a portal just add an object you can collide with and give it the property “portal”, value “SomeObjectName” for eg. On touching the portal youll be transported to an object called “SomeObjectName”.”

Anyone want to elaborate on that, because when I tried it, nothing happened.

What type of property is it- equal, interval, changed, ect?
How are the logic bricks linked. CLearly I have a misstep somewhere-

PLEASE explain what to do- I would be very grateful.

You downloaded their blendfile, right? I didn’t, but I assume it includes a python script, where if the character collides with a “portal” property, it gets the value of the property, the position of the object named by the property value, then applies that position to the character. If the value has the “//” prefix, it uses the value to open a new file/scene. Or so I believe…

Try doing it in python

GameLogic.getCurrentController().getOwner().portal = "SomeObjectName"