Specify Bone Rotations


The last time I checked Blender did not allow real-time bone manipulation inside the game engine. Bone rots must be pre-defined and triggered.

I set up a simply bone system and specified that the ‘Up’ arrow key would rotate a bone. In the user interface it worked fine but the game engine wouldn’t have it.

I thought that a possible way round this would be to have float values that specify the rot of a bone.

So I have an array [10,20,30,40] and for each new frame the next element in the array is applied as y-rot for example.

Is this possible? Can I apply float values to a bone? If it is I can see no reason why Blender could not support real-time mocap animation.

Any help would be appreciated, Jake.

i am not quite sure of what you are trying to do.
is it that you have an object that is parented to a bone and you want to move the object using the bone in the gameengine?

thank you

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