I have made detailed measurements of several rooms in a building and now I want to reproduce those rooms interiors in Blender.

I can begin with a plane as a wall, enter edit mode, select an edge and extrude it at right angles to form the adjacent wall. But I can not tell Blender to extrude it to a certain length. In fact, whether I am in object mode or edit mode, I can not read or adjust the length of that face as far as I know.

On a wall running along the y axis, I tried “e, x, 27cm”, but Blender ignored the x and the cm and just extended the wall 27m more along the y axis without turning the corner.

What I need is an “extrude edge ? distance on the ? axis” input. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks for any clues.

E X 0.27 will extrude 27 cm along the global x axis (using metric units)

Supply an example where you are not seeing what you expect to see

Thanks again Richard. That works. The problem was trying to use cm. That works as a dimension input on a whole object, but it confuses Blender as an extrude input. Problem solved.

You can also use cm: EX=27cm