specrtum colour test

i was just testing if blender worked with the primary colours and secondary colours of light (red blue green cyan magenta yellow) turns out it totally does…:wink:


Well I don’t think it does!

What about the area right in the middle? It is supposed to bee completely white… But is it really white?

it looks kinda white on my moniter…

on mine it definately doesn’t:eek:

Blender does well, but the surface material must be set properly. You get white colour in middle only when the plane material is full white, and the amount of diffuse reflection is 1. Also it is good to turn the specularity off. If you are using spot lamps, the coloutr won`t be uniform, but works as expected with sun lamps.

Yep, it does work. :slight_smile:


To get the colours to have the exact values you have to play with lights, if you want. Only sun lamp masked with texture can do that.

Maybe try AO for this test? That way, there’s no lighting issues to deal with.

What about YafRay?

Just increase the Energy of each lamp to 2, and you’ll get white in the middle. Remember, a white object in dim light would look gray.

If Blender didn’t handle the additive properties of light properly, it couldn’t call it’s renderer realistic . . . which it is.

Just for fun try 3 parallel sun lamps. They cast parallel ray, which doesn’t lost energy. You should get a perfect white on the material I suggested before.

PS: correct the thread title

this works!